Alignment refers to the adjustment of a vehicle’s front and rear suspension components. If your alignment is off, your vehicle isn’t safe to drive.From servicing your vehicle’s wheel alignment to replacing the tires on your vehicle, our tire & auto centres are equipped to service your car or light truck.



Why do i need Service?

Normal wear and road conditions can take their toll on your car’s steering and suspension system, and can disrupt the alignment settings. Ball joints, tie rods, steering arms, bushings and other suspension parts all wear gradually over time.

Springs will gradually sag with age and kilometres driven. All of these will affect alignment angles, so adjustments need to be made or components replaced to restore optimum handling.

Typical Service

  • Have your car’s alignment (all four wheels) checked at least once per year and at the first sign of improper handling or uneven wear. The technician will make adjustments to the camber, caster, toe and thrust angle as needed.
  • Request a wheel alignment when you buy a set of new tires.
  • Check inflation pressure at least once per month, including the spares (check more often in cold temperatures).
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